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Networking 101 – Think About the Other Person FIRST!

Networking 101 – Think About the Other Person FIRST!

Networking 101 – Think about the Other Person First

The big word that everyone loves to hate is networking. Whenever someone brings up this word or the practice you can get some very interesting feelings and expressions. Some people love it, some hate it and others just don’t understand how it works, or don’t feel as if it is worth the time and effort.

Networking at it’s core is getting people to know people. No more and no less. It’s the beginning of a relationship, and it can either go very bad or very good, depending on how you approach it. When you are networking with people, it is not an invitation to give them a 2 hour commercial about what you do and then shove a card in their hand. That is not it at all.

Networking should be organic. You just met someone new, and you want to understand who they are, and what they do. They maybe the best chef in the town or may have an unbelievable and interesting story. You will never know unless you take the time to ask and LISTEN to what their response is when they are speaking with you.

Your goal as a networker is to learn as much about the other person and what they do as possible. Your goal is to begin a relationship with them where when you see a need for them or their services you can pass their information along, and to make enough of a good impression on them that if they have a similar experience they will do the same.

In most networking environments, people don’t say hello to you today and give you their business tomorrow. That takes time, additional conversations, and ultimately a feeling that they know, like and trust you enough to do business with you. So the next time you go to a networking event, change the way you do things and keep these points in the back of your head.

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  1. Jackie Harder says:

    Thanks for making this important point about networking. Getting people to talk about themselves also relieves some of the social anxiety that comes with meeting new people. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Good reminder that listening is a key skill for people who are networking! It’s not just all about me!

  3. Great post! I enjoy networking to meet new people and learn about them and their businesses!

  4. Edmund Lee says:

    Oh yeah, that point is a biggie about not expecting to meet a person and then get their business the next day. As with anything, it’s a process that requires time to build a connection and more importantly, trust. Thank you for driving that point home.

  5. Shelley Webb says:

    Networking off-line and on-line both share the rule that relationships are established over time and with continued conversations.

  6. Denny Hagel says:

    Love your ideas and approach…seems much more effective to me! Thanks!

    1. Aida Ingram says:

      Thanks Denny, let me know how those tips work out for you!

  7. Niki Barr, PhD says:

    Well said. Relationship/Networking! Thank you very much!

    1. Aida Ingram says:

      Nikki, for me and many others it’s the best way!

  8. I would much rather do business with one person who has taken the time to get to know me (and vice versa) than 100 people who just want to know when their next sale will happen.

    1. Aida Ingram says:

      I agree 100%, it doesn’t feel good when people don’t honor who you are, or take the time to know you.

  9. Kerry Postel says:

    I am learning to enjoy networking but it is still a struggle but I know it is an important aspect of my business. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Aida Ingram says:

      Yes @Kerry it takes some getting used to, but when you put the other person first and you don’t think about what you “need” or “want” to happen it gets so much easier. Just think of it like this a great opportunity to meet some great people who you don’t already know.

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